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World Cup fever is sweeping the globe, and it’s impossible for soccer fans to escape. Everyone will be watching, and you might want to join in the fun. Here’s how to watch the FIFA world cup on TV4.

How to Watch the Football World Cup on TV4?

TV4 (TV fyra) is a free-to-air television network that broadcasts to the public in Sweden. It is owned by TV4 AB, which is a subsidiary of TV4 Media AB. TV4 broadcasts a wide variety of shows including news, sports, entertainment, current affairs, and call-in shows.

As the FIFA World Cup is about to start in less than 90 days, TV4 will exclusively broadcast the FIFA tournament 2022. So, you can watch the FIFA World Cup on TV4. It will broadcast the live coverage of the Men’s tournament. As it is free to watch for the public, you do not have to pay for any cable subscription to root for your favorite team. 


TV4 owns and runs several local and regional opt-out stations in support of its public broadcasting commitments. If you want to watch on-demand videos and highlights of the FIFA World Cup, you can stream it via its TV4 Play service. TV4 Play refers to the TV4 Group’s VOD service and, more specifically, to the streaming services available at www.tv4play.se. The majority of the programming on TV4 Play has adverts. However, subscribers to the C More platform can watch the same programming without ads.


You can choose from plenty of options to watch the FIFA World Cup in Sweden. However, the best way to watch the FIFA World Cup is on TV4.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can’t I log in to TV4 Play?

Make sure you have entered your email and Password related to your account accurately. Always cross-check your password’s characters. If this does not solve the issue, contact the support team of TV4 Play.

Is TV4 Play available on smartphones?

Yes, the application is available on smartphones. You can watch your favorite games on the go on your Android, iOS, and tablets. The free version comes with advertisements.

TV4 Play does not work to cast via Chromecast – what should I do?

If playback isn’t working or the Chromecast symbol isn’t in TV4 Play, try to Sign in again by logging out first. Additionally, if you’re outside the EU/EEA, you can’t watch Swedish programming.

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