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This blog post will guide you on how you can watch the FIFA World Cup in Israel.

Where to Watch FIFA World Cup In Israel

FIFA is the most competitive and thrilling sporting event of 2022. Soccer fans around the world are looking for ways to stream it. Here is how you can watch live all the matches of the FIFA World Cup in Israel. 


Israel’s official media source is IPBC (Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation). You can just tune in to IPBC to watch the FIFA World Cup in Israel. Apart from the FIFA World Cup live streams, IPBC also hosts two television channels for other live programs.

These cannels broadcast via national DVB-T2 transmitters, a satellite feed, the cable business, and several smaller pay-tv providers. Kan 11 is the main channel for the company. It took the place of IBA’s Channel 1 and mostly shows news and current events, including the FIFA World Cup. 

Makan 33 is the Arabic-language channel that replaces the IBA’s Channel 33. It shows news and cultural programs. Since 2018, KAN’s Channel 511 features 4K-quality broadcasts. Kan also runs eight radio stations, which were taken over from the IBA.

The channels will also provide you with the latest news about the FIFA World Cup. KAN’s website lets you watch live streams for ongoing programs as well as TV shows that you can watch whenever you want. This means that you can watch replays of the FIFA matches on-demand, just incase you miss out on catching the live action for any reason.

How to Watch IPBC Outside Israel?

If you are currently outside Israel and want to access IPBC for FIFA or any other program, you will need a VPN. IPBC is only available for access from within Israel. Outside Israel, you must connect to a VPN and change your location to Israel.

Here is how you can watch FIFA on IPBC outside Israel with a VPN

  • Sign up for a VPN
  • Get VPN for your streaming device
  • Connect to an Israeli server
  • Access IPBC and stream FIFA live from any country

Apps to Live Stream the Qatar World Cup In Israel

If you’re in Israel and want to catch the Qatar World Cup, there are a few apps you can use to live stream the matches.

Firstly, there’s beIN Sports Connect. This app will let you watch all of the games live, as well as on demand. You’ll need a subscription to beIN Sports to use it, but it’s well worth it if you’re a fan of soccer.

Secondly, there’s FuboTV. This app also offers a live stream of all the Qatar World Cup games. However, it’s worth noting that FuboTV is only available in select markets.

Finally, there’s Sling TV. While this app doesn’t offer a dedicated live stream of the Qatar FIFA World Cup, it does offer a number of channels that will be broadcasting the games. You can find the full schedule of games on Sling TV’s website.

So there you have it! These were three great options for streaming the Qatar FIFA World Cup in Israel. Be sure to check them out and enjoy the action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch KAN via Android or iOS?

Yes, KAN’s official smartphone app is available on Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. You can download the app on your smartphone, Smart TV, tablet, or any other device that you use for streaming. 

Can I watch FIFA via IPBC without a cable subscription?

Yes, you can watch the World Cup without paying for any cable subscription. You can access the streaming of the tournament via its official website or smartphone application. 

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