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Peacock TV is offering a neat extra for World Cup 2022 fans. It has been announced that all World Cup fixtures streamed from Peacock’s servers will be available in 1080p quality. This change will apply to the Spanish language stream for the Qatar 2022 event.

Furthermore, these matches will have a frame rate of 60fps (frames per second) instead of the 24fps used in traditional TV and movie broadcasts. The feature means that your matches will be smoother to watch.

Ultra-definition 4K streams will be available in limited cases, although Peacock doesn’t say when.

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World Cup 2022 Spanish coverage

NBC has the rights to Spanish-language television broadcast for the World Cup 2022 in the United States. The stream will feature content from Telemundo, NBC’s main Spanish channel. It will show off every single fixture at the Qatar World Cup.

NBC/Telemundo/Peacock also has Spanish-language broadcasting rights for the 2026 World Cup as well.

NBC will also show English language streams via Peacock.

Peacock bonuses for Qatar 2022

Users of Peacock TV will be able to enjoy the first 12 matches free of charge. This is part of the free tier that the streamer hopes will attract new users to the service.

For the remaining 52 matches, users will have to subscribe to the Premium service offering.

The streaming service has announced the launch of its World Cup Hub on November 14. It will feature documentaries, classic FIFA world cup matches, interviews, and more. The hub can be accessed by Peacock subscribers for the entirety of the competition.

High-Definition Streams

There will be a free Copa Mundial 24/7 Virtual Channel that is going to feature 9 hours of original programming throughout live matches. Peacock subscribers can listen to pre- and post-match reactions, interviews, and highlights. This free channel will be accessible via the Peacock app on Nov 18.

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