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Football and home entertainment technology fans in the UK can look forward to the upcoming World Cup in Qatar with even more excitement now as BBC has announced that it will be showing World Cup live matches in 4K resolution.

The BBC iPlayer app, not any of the BBC’s satellite or terrestrial broadcast channels, will be the only way to access the 4K feeds, as they were during the 2018 World Cup.You will need to be registered to use the iPlayer app and have a 4K TV to watch the feeds.

If you want to use the HDR technology that the BBC will almost certainly offer alongside the 4K resolution, you will also need a TV that can play the HLG high dynamic range format.

In 2018, these requirements caused a lot of problems for some TV brands and irritated customers.

However, now nearly every TV sold in the UK over the past four to five years will be able to handle the iPlayer’s 4K HDR World Cup streams without any problems.

It used to need more than 40 Mbps to get the best quality from the BBC iPlayer 4K streams, but this may have decreased slightly as a result of recent advancements in compression technology.

The World Cup will be a much more consistently enjoyable and impressive showcase for what 4K resolution and HDR can bring to sport experiences.

For some reason, the BBC doesn’t say that it will show every 4K World Cup game it has the rights to, but it does say that “the majority” will be available in the high resolution format.

The BBC will have first pick of the tournament’s semi-finals, three last-16 games, two quarterfinal ties, and the December 18 final.

Here is the list of matches that BBC will stream

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