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Visitors who arrive for the Qatar World Cup 2022 can partake in beers and other alcoholic beverages in special zones set up at the stadiums.

Qatar has three million people. About 1.2 million visitors will visit the kingdom during the Qatar World Cup.

Previously, Qatar has a ban in place on alcohol consumption.

Drinking alcohol is forbidden in Islam, the state religion in Qatar.

Qatar World Cup 2022 allows alcohol in limited venues

According to CEO Nasser Al Khater, “We want people to come and have experiences they will never forget.” He shared these remarks with BBC Sport.

Plans are already in the works for Qatar World Cup’s “alcohol strategy.”

The authorities have confirmed plans to set up a 40,000-capacity fan zone in Doha where visitors can purchase drinks.

The Supreme Committee for Legacy and Delivery has also announced the same, allowing fans to drink inside the stadium.

Qatar, like other Gulf countries, has strict controls on alcohol. Consumption of alcohol in public remains a punishable offence.

Only licensed restaurants and hotel bars can sell alcoholic drinks.

FIFA responds

The football body has announced that ticket holders can avail drinks prior to kick-off and also after the final whistle. This is only valid if they stay within the stadium premises.

Alcoholic drinks will be unavailable inside the stadium bowl.

However, fans will also be able to purchase an alcoholic beverage at Al Bidda Park after 18:30 local time as part of the FIFA fan festival in Doha.

Al Khater says there’s more planned. A list of additional drinking zones “will be communicated in due course” for the Qatar World Cup.

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